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Privacy Software Review

Why Do I Need Privacy Software?

Big brother is watching you. Cloak yourself. Be invisible. When you install privacy software, it doesn’t mean that you intend to do something wrong. It means you are standing up for your right to privacy. Many computer users are only vaguely aware of the problem that privacy software solves. Privacy software can protect you in two different areas. It maintains your internet privacy and prevents identity theft by making you anonymous on the worldwide web. When privacy software conceals your Internet Protocol (IP) address and encrypts your connections, you are cloaked such that nobody can take advantage of you. Furthermore, privacy software hides or erases traces that computers save during and after internet sessions, which leads some to assume that privacy software users are doing something immoral or illegal. The most conscious folks know that even if you have nothing to hide, if you do not resist surveillance, you are tempting eventual abuse, either by hackers, business interests or the government.

Whether you like it or not, we who assert our privacy rights are in a struggle against powerful technological, economic, criminal and governmental forces. In order to arm yourself against ongoing encroachments on privacy, we invite you to read articles about privacy software. Please consider the privacy software products that we find best: Privacy Guardian, CyberScrub Privacy Suite and ParetoLogic Privacy Controls. We’ll tell you what, exactly, these products do and whether they really work.

Privacy Software: What to Look For

In order to quickly discover which privacy software is the one for you, look at each potential purchase from the standpoint of how well it works, the complete set of features and capabilities, how easy it is to implement and manage, and how the publisher will support you.

Privacy Effectiveness
The product should maintain your privacy while you are connected to the internet. After your surfing session is over it should erase evidence that might allow someone to reconstruct where you went and what you did.

Feature Set
Privacy software should include browser cleaning, which removes data that accumulates in the address bar history, cookies, visited sites, downloads and favorites list. Other areas that require cleaning are the temporary internet files and the forms auto-completion data. Another feature set cleans Windows system features such as the temporary files, recycle bin, computer history and clipboard. You might also consider file shredding and free-space wiping as necessary features.

Ease of Use
If it isn’t easy, you aren’t going to use it. Or, you will make mistakes that compromise your privacy. Is it easy to program the software to clean whenever Windows shuts down? Will the product let you pick which cookies and files to keep and which to remove? Is there in-context help?

Help & Support
With so much at stake, you might need access to the software’s support department. So consider available hours and methods of contact before you purchase.

We must protect ourselves from hackers who want to steal identities as well as legitimate businesses who want to know our patterns so that they can advertise based on known interests. We could become indignant that it is now necessary to buy products to maintain privacy that we should never have lost. But surely a more useful response is the determination to defend now against inevitable attacks on our privacy.