HistoryKill 2013 Review


PROS / HistoryKill supports a number of internet browsers and works automatically as soon as you close the browser.

CONS / Support is via searchable knowledgebase or online form.

VERDICT / HistoryKill 2013 is quite a few steps behind, but it has some life in it yet.

HistoryKill privacy software is an option for protecting privacy. The website and advertising betray some amateurish elements. This privacy software includes tools to remove traces left by using the internet and Windows. The included Auto-Kill function is designed to automate the process by cleaning your tracks from Windows when it starts up, and clearing your internet activity as soon as the browser is closed. You also have the option to run the software in Stealth Mode, which lets the software run effectively in the background where it won’t be detected by others. In the event of a surprise visit, you can use the boss key (hotkey) to hide what you’re doing. The software also includes a secure file shredder. When you delete a file using Windows, it is actually still recoverable. With HistoryKill you can effectively remove the file and any trace by overwriting the data multiple times.

HistoryKill 2013

Most people want to remove traces of their computer and internet activity for security and privacy, but doing so can also speed up your PC. By freeing up additional hard drive space and removing excess clutter that might slow you down, this software can help improve your computer performance. HistoryKill does a good job of scanning and eliminating the components for which it searches. The program works with Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, Safari and AOL. The software can also clear your search activity, so nobody will know what terms you’ve entered in search engines. The software also works with several third-party applications to remove temporary files.

Online help for this privacy software is available in the form of a searchable knowledgebase, but it isn’t too robust. For specific questions not addressed there, you can fill out a form to contact technical support.


The publisher’s web site does not exactly engender trust. There is an October 11, 2012 announcement that “HistoryKill 2013 is here!” and it is "absolutely critical" that you update the product, which is “Now compatible with Windows 8!” With three exclamation points on the very first page of the web site, it is difficult to trust the professionalism of the source of HistoryKill.

HistoryKill 2013