ParetoLogic Privacy Controls 3 Review


PROS / ParetoLogic Privacy Controls shows you which files will be deleted. It erases files from Internet Explorer, Firefox, BitTorrent and Skype.

CONS / It won't let you flag specific cookies that you'd prefer to keep for trusted pages.

VERDICT / Privacy Controls scans and removes sensitive information from your PC and covers up internet activity.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is easy-to-use privacy software powerful enough to protect your privacy by permanently erasing files and folders with sensitive information. The scanning engine searches for private information in a number of common areas and does so quickly. For these reasons and more, we've awarded ParetoLogic Privacy Controls our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls 3

Privacy Effectiveness

Privacy Controls looks for potentially dangerous and compromised files, including traces of internet activity and other sensitive computer tasks. It detects and deletes confidential passwords, user information and credit card information. Files discovered in the scan can be permanently removed by overwriting on the hard disk up to seven times (exceeding the U.S. government standards). You can also send any file or folder through the same rigorous removal by using the integrated file shredder utility. While files simply “deleted” on your computer can still be recovered, files permanently shredded with ParetoLogic cannot.

Feature Set

The software includes a secure file shredder and tools to remove sensitive information from all the major internet browsers. Whether you’re covering your internet tracks, removing private personal information or just cleaning up your PC, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls maintains privacy and peace of mind. The software removes internet history and cookies from the major internet browsers. It also works with a number of email and IM clients, letting you permanently remove sensitive communications. The software eliminates the history of your interactions with a number of third-party applications, including peer-to-peer file downloading applications, toolbars and video players. The software has an integrated scheduler. You can set a specific date and time for the software to run a manual scan, or designate a routine schedule.

Ease of Use

The scope of the software is robust and flexible, allowing users to select which areas to include. The process can be time consuming. First you have to sort through all the options and choose which areas of your computer to scan. During the scan you can see a quick preview of each file as it is scanned and then decide which ones need to go.

Help & Support

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls comes with embedded help files and additional online help. You can call them directly or chat online.


ParetoLogic Privacy Controls removes sensitive information that could betray your privacy. This privacy software works with a number of browsers and additional plugins. It is a good option that deserves consideration.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls 3